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Ole Hyldahl Tolshave

Dedicated all-round developer

.NET, Javascript, Java, C++, SQL, DevOps and more!

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Knowledge in depth

Computer Science master degree
15+ years of professional development experience
Team player
Large skill set
Native danish speaker - english is not a problem

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Ole Hyldahl Tolshave


36 years old
Lives in Svendborg, Denmark
Married and has three children

Techincal skills and business mind combined.

My Services

  • Software development

    Developing custom software is what I do best! I am flexible, but specialized on "business software". I do both greenfield projects as well as projects on legacy applications written in a distant past.

  • Databases

    Databases in some form are a core part of most business software. My primary expertise is Microsoft SQL Server but I have experience in others including Oracle and PostgreSQL. I can help design database backed systems from the ground up, but also troubleshoot or tune existing solutions.

  • Architecture

    Designing software can be challenging and even more so for large and complex domains and when security, performance, scalability, availability or maintainability are important concerns. I can provide designs from the ground up or review existing software architectures.

  • Training

    Making your team perform even better or get up and running on some new technology might require help. Having climbed many steep learning curves in the past I can guide, teach or otherwise help your team.